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Misty Dawn: My Memories

There you were looking back at me
how was I to know of the love that was to be?
Through silver bars of that cage
I saw the love shine through
That look would extend
through out your days
and grow in a thousand ways.

You came home to us that great day
and turned our lives around
the days and nights you shared with us
left so many memories that abound.

We spent so many hours
in laugher and in tears
But the pain of losing you
will last for many years

I know I will go on
as life takes me along
But I miss you at my side each night
How could your life go wrong

Why were they not able to save you
What did they not do?
I tried and helped you through that night
I stayed right next to you.

They took you to a place
I know filled you with such fear
I felt my heart break in two
I cried a million tears

They brought you back to me
and said your life was not to be
I held you close and said goodbye
as your golden spirit slipped away
My Mist, my love,
now gone, this tear filled day

I have to live this life
it's cold and sad here without you
I wonder what will come
without you to help me through

I sit and write these words
some won't understand
how a little cat
can take a heart
and hold it from the start

If I could have moved the world
I would have just for you
But God had other plans
I will see them through
I know He Loved you too

My Mist, my Sweetpea
A new star shines each night from you
With your Love from above for me

for my Misty Dawn

9-96 - December 26th 2007
rest now my precious friend,
one day we will meet again
Till then, I hold your Golden Memories

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KC Sievert Bingamon Jan.12th 2008





In memory of my Mist

Bev, thank you so much for this beautiful graphic set
for my Mist
God Bless and keep you

~"Memories" from "Cats" by Jim Kinsalla~
Thank you Jim

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